• A piece of our hearts.
    “How might the wine for the Archbishop of Esztergom have been made?
    We would like to show it today.”
    Even the first reference to our village appearing in the written records from the year of 1075 was about grapes. The Hungarian king, Géza I, donated 7 vineyards, 5 vine-dressers, and 2 plots of land to the Abbey of Garamszentbenedek. Our settlement, lying along the foot of the Pilis mountain, has a rich history. Through our wines, we wish to further enhance the good reputation of this village.
  • The place where your heart calms down.
    “How many hoes may have been worn away here?”
    Mysterious fog in spring, radiating heat in summer on the sides of the rocks of Pilis. A rich place for wine production at an altitude of 340 meters. The roots of the vine build the taste and flavour of the fruit from the depths of the ground. We may wonder, “how many hoes may have been worn away here?”
    A bench, a table. Relaxation. The tower of the church in front of our eyes. Tranquillity. Superb panorama. Peacefulness.
  • With heart and soul.
    “We live together with the grapes.”
    14 hectares, varieties of white grapes, 30 year-old vineyards. Viniculture is not a conventional type of activity. The grapes present constant challenges. As solicitous masters of the land, we walk among the vines, and so we gain deeper knowledge of our vineyards. Using our own hands, we develop the physical condition and proportions of the vines, which plays a crucial role in the prevention of illnesses. We are also pathfinders: to the best of our knowledge, we desire to show the complexity of this place through the cultivation and production processes.
György Szivek and Gyula Szivek and Péter Szivek
„Wine. Landscape. Experience. Heart..."

Young dynamism, traditional values. Our aim is to present the complexity and richness of the region where our wines are produced. Our winery is a small, family-owned venture. We have been dealing with viniculture and wine production for generations. The knowledge and experience of our father live in us. We always ask him for his opinion. Is it possible that he is too soft-hearted to us?

With pleasure from the bottom of the heart!
“What is a great difficulty in viniculture is that you have only one chance in a year.”

Our wine press with a wooden beam from 1867 is still operating – this is the special, unique feature of our wine cellar.
Upon entering, you can immediately see that our cellar is living: the pleasantly cool air of the cellar, the sweating limestone, and silky mould can all be found here.

Makes your heart warm.
“Wine is a work of art, a piece of composition...”

Wine is like children: they often do not obey, but it is you who raises them, guides them, since they are yours. However, they will become what they want to be! It is the same in the case of the wine maker: he guides the wine to suit his own taste; however, the wine will live in its own, independent world! What is our wine like? Some varieties are dynamic, playful, perfect choices for the family and friendly conversations. Other varieties have a characteristic and complex taste accompanying more serious conversations.

Merlot 2015

The beauty of this variety lies in the ease with which it can be identified, making it one of the most lovable types of red wine. Having been aged in oak barrels for over a year , a mature bouquet of dried cherries is paired harmoniously with smooth flavours on the palate. Tasting notes : soft tannins with a beautiful lingering finish. True love....

Pilis cuvée 2017

We live as one, as one we sense. For us, this Pilis Cuvee is the embodiment of harmony itself. The very soul of the hills is translated into every golden droplet from which the flavours burst. In everyday life it presents us with a gentle, delicate scent, accompanied by rich complex flavours.

Müller-Thurgau 2016

The friend. Not a champion, not handsome, not a hero. Its gently calling scent, pleasantly refreshening acids make it so loveable that it could become the best companion for every day.

Zweigelt Rosé 2016

It welcomes you with pleasant fruit aromas. Red currant, cherry, raspberry. A light body and playful acids make you refreshed. Sit down with it on the beach and enjoy the summer!

Cserszegi fűszeres 2017

Cserszegi fűszeres, this hungarian grape variety, is a cheerful company. It is a picnic in the middle of a field in springtime. Vivid acids and attractive floral aromas fill this wine with life.

Pinot Gris 2014

The favourite. It is characterized by a ripe, fruity smell, and the rich taste of peach with proportionate acid harmony, which makes it even more exciting. Perfect for a get-together with nice friends around the fire.

ZéVé Trilogy I. (Green Veltliner) 2015

An easy yet dymanic start, with aromas of fresh yellow fleshed fruits. The acidity is refreshing with sharp, clean flavours.

ZéVé Trilogy II. (Green Veltliner) 2015

Here the development becomes more exciting, leading to flavours of peach and bright tropical fruits, displaying all the typical characteristics of green veltliner grapes, grown on the impressive face of the pilis mountains.

ZéVé Trilogy III. (Green Veltliner) 2015

The finale – all of the elements have their place and are in balance. Rich ripened fruits with special and distinctive flavours make up a full bodied and classically structured wine which is rounded off perfectly by the oak barrel aging process.

Chardonnay 2015

A luxuriously smooth textured chardonnay with a bright, cheerful and fruity scent. Its indulgent notes of tangerine, apple and citrus fruit make it perfect for a peaceful, sunny afternoon.

Pinot Gris 2015

Pinot gris: the favourite. It is characterized by a ripe, fruity smell, and the rich taste of peach with proportionate acid harmony, which makes it even more exciting. Perfect for a get-together with nice friends around the fire.

A warm-hearted welcome
“You will always find peace here.”

In winter the crackling, roaring fire and the bright embers of the little stove make the air of the wine-press house warm, and you can also enjoy the pleasant smell of the smoked sausages hanging over your head. In summer you can take pleasure in the wonderful sunset in the vineyard with some nice cauldron stew (“bogrács”) on your side, far away from the noises of the city. Here you always have the opportunity to dispose of the everyday problems.